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UK Battery Store » Laptop AC Adapter » HP COMPAQ » HP COMPAQ Business Notebook nc8430

Replacement Laptop AC Adapter for HP COMPAQ Business Notebook nc8430

Listed are compatible HP COMPAQ Business Notebook nc8430 Laptop AC Adapter replacements.The HP COMPAQ Business Notebook nc8430 Laptop AC Adapter come with 1 year warranty and 100% compatibility guarantee,ship fast,dissatisfied 15 days money back.In addition,replacement parts supplied by meet or exceed OEM specifications.
Replacement Laptop AC Adapter for HP COMPAQ Business Notebook nc8430
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HP COMPAQ Business Notebook nc8430 Laptop AC Adapter

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Laptop Adapter Information:

Adapter ID: ANB002C24K
Weight: 750g
Output: 19V
Output Current: 4.74A
Operation: 0°C
Storage: -40°C
Relative Humidity: 5% ~ 95%RH (non-condensing)
Safety: UL, CUL, TUV, CE , CCC, GOST-R, B Mark, NOM, NEMKO, PSB, S-Mark, S+ Mark,GS, RCM, BSMI, EK Mark
Outside size: 7.40mm
Inside size: 5.08mm
Our Price: UK £22.99(inc. VAT)

  HP COMPAQ Business Notebook nc8430 0V Laptop AC Adaptercan replace the following part numbers:

    384021-002 PPP014H-S    
  • HP
    380467-001 463553-002 PPP012H-S  
    374473-001 384019-001 384019-002 384020-002
    384021-001 391172-001 391173-001 409992-001
    416421-021 463552-003 463955-001 463958-001
    ED495AA PA-1650-02HC PA-1900-08H1 PA-1900-18H2

  HP COMPAQ Business Notebook nc8430 Laptop AC Adapter is also compatible with the following models:

    320 321 420
    421 430 435
    511 550 650
    655 Compaq 2230s Compaq 2510p
    Compaq 2710p Compaq 610 Compaq 615
    Compaq 6510b Compaq 6530b Compaq 6710b
    Compaq 6720t Mobile Thin Client Compaq 6730b Compaq 6730s
    Compaq 6735b Compaq 6735s Compaq 6830s
    Compaq 8510p Compaq 8510w Mobile Workstation Compaq 8710p
    EliteBook 2170p EliteBook 2570p EliteBook 8470p
    EliteBook 8530p 2133 Mini-Note PC EliteBook 8560p EliteBook 8570p
    Folio 13 Mini 311c-1100 Presario C700
    Presario CQ20-100 Presario CQ20-200 Presario CQ20-300
    Presario CQ32 Presario CQ35-100 Presario CQ35-200
    Presario CQ35-300 Presario CQ36-100 Presario CQ40
    Presario CQ40-100 Presario CQ40-300 Presario CQ40-400
    Presario CQ40-418AX Presario CQ40-500 Presario CQ40-600
    Presario CQ40-700 Presario CQ41-100 Presario CQ41-200
    Presario CQ42 Presario CQ42-100 Presario CQ42-200
    Presario CQ42-300 Presario CQ43-100 Presario CQ43-300
    Presario CQ43-400 Presario CQ45 Presario CQ45-100
    Presario CQ45-300 Presario CQ50 Presario CQ50-100
    Presario CQ50-200 Presario CQ56-100 Presario CQ60-100
    Presario CQ60-200 Presario CQ60-300 Presario CQ60-400
    Presario CQ61-100 Presario CQ61-200 Presario CQ61-300
    Presario CQ61-400 Presario CQ62-108TX Presario CQ62-200
    Presario CQ62-300 Presario CQ62-400 Presario CQ62-a00
    Presario CQ70-100 Presario CQ70-150EG Presario CQ70-200
    Presario CQ71-100 Presario CQ71-200 Presario CQ71-300
    Presario CQ71-400 Presario CQ72 Presario F700
    Presario V3700 Presario V3800 Presario V3900
    Presario V6600 PresarioCQ56-200 PresarioCQ57-200
    ProBook 430 G1 ProBook 4340s ProBook 4540s
    ProBook 4545s ProBook 4740s ProBook 6475b
    ProBook 6570b Spectre XT Pro Ultrabook  
  • HP
    230W Docking Station 500 540
    620 625 630
    635 6720t Mobile Thin Client 8510w Mobile Workstation
    8710w Mobile Workstation 90W Docking Station EliteBook 2530p
    EliteBook 2540p EliteBook 2560p EliteBook 2730p
    EliteBook 2740p EliteBook 2740p Tablet PC EliteBook 2760p
    EliteBook 6930p EliteBook 8440p EliteBook 8440w Mobile Workstation
    EliteBook 8460p EliteBook 8460w EliteBook 8530p
    EliteBook 8530w EliteBook 8530w Mobile Workstation EliteBook 8540p
    EliteBook 8540w Mobile Workstation EliteBook 8560p EliteBook 8560w Mobile Workstation
    EliteBook 8730w EliteBook 8730w Mobile Workstation EliteBook 8740w Mobile Workstation
    EliteBook 8760w Mobile Workstation EliteBook Folio 9470m Ultrabook Envy 14 Spectre
    Envy 14-1000 ENVY 14-1100 ENVY 14-1100 Beats Edition
    Envy 14-1108TX (Beats) Envy 14-1108TX Beats Edition ENVY 14-2000
    ENVY 15-3000 Envy 15t-3200 Envy 17-1000
    ENVY 17-1100 ENVY 17-2000 Envy 17t-3200
    Envy 17t-3200 3D Edition Envy 4 Envy 6-1002tu
    Envy 6-1007tx ENVY 6t Envy SleekBook 4-1055tu
    Envy SleekBook 6-1101tx Folio 13-1000 Folio 9470m-08012000000
    Folio 9470m-08012000010 Folio 9470m-08012000030 Folio 9470m-08012000080
    Folio 9470m-08019000000 Folio 9470m-08019000010 Folio 9470m-08019000030
    Folio 9470m-08019000080 Folio 9470m-0801b000000 Folio 9470m-0801b000010
    Folio 9470m-0801b000030 Folio 9470m-0801b000080 Folio 9470m-11012000000
    Folio 9470m-11012000010 Folio 9470m-11012000030 Folio 9470m-11012000080
    Folio 9470m-11019000000 Folio 9470m-11019000010 Folio 9470m-11019000030
    Folio 9470m-11019000080 Folio 9470m-1101b000000 Folio 9470m-1101b000010
    Folio 9470m-1101b000030 Folio 9470m-1101b000080 Folio 9470m-21012000000
    Folio 9470m-21012000010 Folio 9470m-21012000030 Folio 9470m-21012000080
    Folio 9470m-21019000000 Folio 9470m-21019000010 Folio 9470m-21019000030
    Folio 9470m-21019000080 Folio 9470m-2101b000000 Folio 9470m-2101b000010
    Folio 9470m-2101b000030 Folio 9470m-2101b000080 Folio dm3
    G32 G42 G56-100
    G60-100 G60-120US G60-200
    G60-400 G60-500 G6000
    G61-300 G61-400 G62-100
    G62-200 G62-a00 G62-b00
    G70-100 G70-200 G70-400
    G7000 G71-300 G72-100
    G72-200 G72-a00 G72-b00
    HDX X16-1000 HDX X16-1100 HDX X16-1200
    HDX X16-1300 HDX X18-1000 HDX X18-1100
    HDX X18-1200 HDX X18-1300 Mini 311-1000
    Mini 311c-1000 Mini 5102 Mini 5103
    Mobile 2533t Pavilion 14-c010us Pavilion dm1
    Pavilion dm1-1000 Pavilion dm1-1100 Pavilion dm1-2000
    Pavilion dm1-2100 Pavilion dm1-3000AU Pavilion dm1-3100
    Pavilion dm1-3200 Pavilion dm1-4100 Pavilion dm1-4100AU
    Pavilion dm1-4200 Pavilion dm1-4200sa Pavilion dm1-4200sb
    Pavilion dm1-4200sg Pavilion dm1-4200sh Pavilion dm1-4200sp
    Pavilion dm1-4201au Pavilion dm1-4201er Pavilion dm1-4201sr
    Pavilion dm1-4202au Pavilion dm1-4203au Pavilion dm1-4205au
    Pavilion dm1-4206au Pavilion dm1-4208au Pavilion dm1-4209au
    Pavilion dm1-4210au Pavilion dm1-4210ej Pavilion dm1-4210sc
    Pavilion dm1-4210sd Pavilion dm1-4210sw Pavilion dm1-4210sx
    Pavilion dm1-4210us Pavilion dm1-4211au Pavilion dm1-4212au
    Pavilion dm1-4213au Pavilion dm1-4214au Pavilion dm1-4216au
    Pavilion dm1-4220ez Pavilion dm1-4222ej Pavilion dm1-4225sw
    Pavilion dm1-4230sf Pavilion dm1-4230sp Pavilion dm1-4230sw
    Pavilion dm1-4231sf Pavilion dm1-4232sf Pavilion dm1-4233sf
    Pavilion dm1-4240sf Pavilion dm1-4240so Pavilion dm1-4250ew
    Pavilion dm1-4269ca Pavilion dm1-4270la Pavilion dm1-4290ss
    Pavilion dm1z-4200 CTO Pavilion dm3 Pavilion dm3-1000
    Pavilion dm3-1100 Pavilion dm3-2100 Pavilion dm3-3010us
    Pavilion dm4-1000 Pavilion dm4-1100 Pavilion dm4-1300
    Pavilion dm4-3000 Pavilion dv2-1000 Pavilion dv2-1100
    Pavilion dv2600 Pavilion dv2700 Pavilion dv2800
    Pavilion dv2800 Artist Pavilion dv2800 Verve Pavilion dv2900
    Pavilion dv3-1000 Pavilion dv3-1100 Pavilion dv3-2000
    Pavilion dv3-2100 Pavilion dv3-2137TX Pavilion dv3-2200
    Pavilion dv3-2232TX Pavilion dv3-2300 Pavilion dv3-4000
    Pavilion dv3-4100 Pavilion dv3-4200 Pavilion dv3-4300
    Pavilion dv3100 Pavilion dv3500 Pavilion dv3600
    Pavilion dv3700 Pavilion dv4 Pavilion dv4-1000
    Pavilion dv4-1100 Pavilion dv4-1200 Pavilion dv4-1300
    Pavilion dv4-1400 Pavilion dv4-1500 Pavilion dv4-2000
    Pavilion dv4-2100 Pavilion dv5 Pavilion dv5-1000
    Pavilion dv5-1019tx Pavilion dv5-1100 Pavilion dv5-1200
    Pavilion dv5-1300 Pavilion dv5-2000 Pavilion dv6-1000
    Pavilion dv6-1100 Pavilion dv6-1200 Pavilion dv6-1300
    Pavilion dv6-1400 Pavilion dv6-2000 Pavilion dv6-2100
    Pavilion dv6-3000 Pavilion dv6-3200 Pavilion dv6-3300
    Pavilion dv6-4000 Pavilion dv6-6c00 Pavilion dv6400
    Pavilion dv6600 Pavilion dv6800 Pavilion dv6900
    Pavilion dv7 Pavilion dv7-1000 Pavilion dv7-1014tx
    Pavilion dv7-1100 Pavilion dv7-1200 Pavilion dv7-1400
    Pavilion dv7-2000 Pavilion dv7-2100 Pavilion dv7-2200
    Pavilion dv7-3000 Pavilion dv7-3100 Pavilion dv7-4000
    Pavilion dv7-4100 Pavilion dv7-4300 Pavilion dv7-5000
    Pavilion dv7-6c00 Pavilion dv8 Pavilion dv8-1000
    Pavilion dv8-1200 Pavilion dv9600 Pavilion dv9800
    Pavilion dv9900 Pavilion g3200 Desktop Pavilion g4-1300
    Pavilion g6-1300 Pavilion g6-1365ea Pavilion tx1100
    Pavilion tx1300 Pavilion tx1400 Pavilion tx2000
    Pavilion tx2100 Pavilion tx2500 Pavilion tx2600
    ProBook 4230s ProBook 4320s ProBook 4321S
    ProBook 4330s ProBook 4420s ProBook 4425s
    ProBook 4430s ProBook 4520s ProBook 4525s
    ProBook 4530s ProBook 4535s ProBook 470 GO
    ProBook 4720s ProBook 4730s ProBook 5310m
    ProBook 5320m ProBook 5330m ProBook 6360b
    ProBook 6440b ProBook 6450b ProBook 6455b
    ProBook 6460b ProBook 6465b ProBook 6540b
    ProBook 6545b ProBook 6550b ProBook 6555b
    ProBook 6560b Revolve 810 TouchSmart tm2-1000
    TouchSmart tm2-1001TX TouchSmart tm2-2000 TouchSmart tm2-2100
    TouchSmart tx2-1000 TouchSmart tx2-1100 TouchSmart tx2-1200
    4320t Mobile Thin Client 6535s 6720t Mobile Thin Client
    Business Notebook 2210b Business Notebook 2510p Business Notebook 2710p
    Business Notebook 6510b Business Notebook 6515b Business Notebook 6520s
    Business Notebook 6531s Business Notebook 6710b Business Notebook 6710s
    Business Notebook 6715b Business Notebook 6715s Business Notebook 6720S
    Business Notebook 6730s Business Notebook 6820S Business Notebook 6910p
    Business Notebook 8510p Business Notebook 8710p Business Notebook nc2400
    Business Notebook nc2410 Business Notebook nc4200 Business Notebook NC4400
    Business Notebook nc6140 Business Notebook NC6220 Business Notebook NC6230
    Business Notebook nc6320 Business Notebook NC6400 Business Notebook nc8430
    Business Notebook NX6115 Business Notebook NX6125 Business Notebook nx6130
    Business Notebook NX6310 Business NoteBook NX6315 Business Notebook NX6320
    Business Notebook NX6325 Business Notebook nx6330 Business Notebook nx7300
    Business Notebook nx7400 Business Notebook nx8410 Business Notebook nx9420
    Business Notebook TC4400 Mini-Note 2133 Mobile Workstation 8510w
    Mobile Workstation 8710w Mobile Workstation nw8440 Mobile Workstation nw9440
    Mobile Workstation nx8420 Mobile Workstationn w8240 Pavilion dv3000 Series
    Pavilion dv3022TX Presario B1200 Series Presario B121
    tc4200 Tablet PC tc4400 Tablet PC  


The below cross reference list is for reference only. To avoid any mis-matching cause, please make sure your original adapter tip's size is similar as the connector tip we list out.

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